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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


Adult Day Health Care

Adult day health services are similar programs to adult day care in that they provide an organized program of services during the day in a community group setting to support the personal independence of older adults and promote their social, physical, and emotional well-being. In addition, providers of adult day health services, as the name implies, offer health care services to meet the needs of individual participants. Programs must also offer referral to and assistance in using other community resources, and transportation to and from the program may be provided or arranged when needed and not otherwise available. Also included in the service, when supported by funding from the Division of Aging and Adult Services, are medical examinations required for individual participants for admission to day health care services and thereafter when not otherwise available without cost. Food and services to provide a nutritional meal and snacks as appropriate are expected as well.

Providers of adult day health services must meet North Carolina State Standards for Certification, which are administrative rules (10A NCAC 06R) set by the Social Services Commission and enforced by the State Division of Aging and Adult Services. Routine monitoring of compliance is performed by Adult Day Care Coordinators located at county departments of social services. Centers may be certified to provide both adult day care and adult day health services. Many centers are members of the North Carolina Association of Adult Day Services.

If you have questions about adult day care in a given county, contact the County Department of Social Services, your Area Agency on Aging, Heather Carter or Glenda Artis at the Division of Aging and Adult Services. You may also want to search the Division's Aging Services Directory for providers of adult day health and other home and community services.

If you or your organization is interested in opening an Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health Services program, please contact Glenda Artis at the Division of Aging and Adult Services.

If you are interested in building, renovating, leasing or buying a building where you or your organization would like to provide Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health Services, please contact Glenda Artis at the Division of Aging and Adult Services to receive guidance about the building requirements.


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