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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


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    Your key to Long-term Services and Supports in North Carolina

    What are Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities?

    Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities (CRC) are a network of organizations which together provide a coordinated system of information and access for all people seeking long-term supports and services, minimizes confusion, enhances individual choices, and supports informed decision making.

    North Carolina CRCs takes the “no wrong door” approach to services. Consumers encounter seamless access to relevant, needed information about services regardless of how or where they encounter the system.

    CRCs help modernize the long-term care system by supporting individuals of all disabilities and incomes to make informed, cost-effective choices regarding the services and supports they may need in a manner most suitable to their desired quality of life.

    Community Resource Connections:

    • Offer highly visible and trusted network of community agencies where people can turn for information
    • Embrace the visions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to serve people of all ages and income levels and their caregivers
    • Provide services and supports using person-centered and consumer-directed approaches.


    • Awareness, Information & Assistance about Services and Supports
    • Options Counseling and assistance with planning for future long-term service and support needs
    • Streamlined access to publicly funded services and supports
    • Transition Support

Last updated October 17, 2014


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