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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


The DHHS Communications and Coordination Initiative


    The Division of Aging and Adult Services, in conjunction with the State Team made-up of representatives from all DHHS Divisions with aging responsibilities, developed 22 tools to assist communities in evaluating their aging services.  The tools are service-specific and are designed to assist your county in conducting an in-depth analysis of each service, identifying best practices and barriers to care, and developing strategies for reform.  Your community can also use the tools to analyze larger dimensions of your overall aging system, including adequacy, accessibility, efficiency and duplication, equity, and quality and effectiveness.

Various Training Session Topics

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    The Planning Basics Notebook is a resource designed for communities interested in long-term care planning for older and disabled adults and for their lead agents.  It contains both generic and specific information on developing and maintaining community planning processes, successful facilitation, teamwork skills, finding and analyzing data, and, communications.  It also includes long-term care-specific resources such as a glossary, acronym list, Internet resource listing, and long-term care examples.  Although the resource was originally designed to assist communities with long-term care planning, the generic portions of the Notebook can be useful to communities developing any type of community planning processes.

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Core aging Service Evaluation Tools

Last updated July 30, 2010