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Important Correspondence

County Admin Information:

Allocating Overhead for Positions in DSS (06/18/02)

Child Support Enforcement Contracted Workers (03/28/2013)

Child Support Enforcement Contracted Workers - (follow up) (04/24/2013)

Claiming Allowable Costs Through the County Indirect Cost Plan (02/25/11)

CSE Guidance on Fiscal Manual Issues (02/25/10)

Direct Charging and Expensing of Equipment (04/28/03)

Electronic Funds Transfer Cash Management Directive (09/20/95)
Electronic Funds Transfer Descriptions (10/16/12)

Enhanced Funding for Medcaid Eligibility Systems (02/24/2014)

Foster Care State Funds Reimbursement Percentage

NCFAST APDU Response Letter (12/01/05)

Records Retention letter/spreadsheet (moved to DHHS Controller home page)

SIS-CARS Open Window Crosswalk (11/29/12)

XPTR Report Names (06/11/09)

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