Staff and Contacts

Main Raleigh Office

Regina Godette-Crawford, Chief
Physical Address: 1201 Umstead Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
Telephone: 919-855-3935
Fax: 919-733-7021

Regional Offices

Western Regional Office
Jeff Powell, Regional Manager
Physical Address: 3305 16th Avenue SE Suite 302, Conover, NC 28613
Telephone: 828-466-5548
Fax: 828-466-5651

Central Regional Office (Raleigh)
Wally Ainsworth, Regional Manager
Physical Address: 801 Biggs Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
Telephone: 919-855-4678
Fax: 919- 715-0498

Eastern Regional Office (Greenville)
Allen Johnson, Regional Manager
Physical Address: 404 St. Andrews Drive, Greenville, NC 27834
Telephone: 252-355-9026
Fax: 252-355-9063


Listed below is the North Carolina Office of EMS staff with their email addresses. To send email to an OEMS staff member, click on their name.

Regional Personnel CoverageNC OEMS Map (PDF, 172 KB)
Main Office of EMS Telephone Number: 919-855-3935
Name Telephone Number Position
Ainsworth, Wally 919-855-4678 Central Regional Manager
Allen, Paul 252-355-9026 ext. 205 Eastern Regional Logistics Specialist
Alson, Roy, M.D. 336-716-2193 Healthcare Preparedness Response & Recovery Medical Advisor
Amerson, Robert 252-355-9026 ext. 203 Eastern Regional Education Specialist
Anderson, Paul 828-466-5548 ext. 105 Western Regional Systems Specialist
Ashley, Jerrold "Jerry" 828-466-5548 ext. 102 Western Regional Logistics Specialist
Bass, Mallory 919-855-3946 Healthcare Preparedness Response & Recovery Administrative Assistant
Beamer, McKenzie 919-855-3938 EMSC Program Manager
Browning, Ed 919-855-3951 Disaster Operations Coordinator
Calhoun, Doug 919-855-4684 Central Regional Compliance Specialist
Comello, Joe 919-855-3940 Healthcare Preparedness Response & Recovery Planning & Logistics Specialist
Corbett, Kim 252-355-9026 ext. 200 Eastern Regional Administrative Assistant
Currie, Gloria 919-855-3944 Credentialing Administrative Assistant
Davis, Carolyn 919-855-3967 Budget Officer
Douglas, Amy, R.N. 919-855-3953 Trauma Program Manager
Ezzell, David 919-855-3960 EMS Education Consultant
Glover, Robert (Rob) 252-355-9026 ext. 206 Eastern Regional Compliance Specialist
Godette-Crawford, Regina 919-855-3935 Chief
Handon, Peggy 919-855-4686 Healthcare Preparedness Grant Specialist
Hester, Alesia 919-855-3956 Education & Credentialing Administrative Assistant
Johnson, Allen 252-355-9026 ext. 201 Eastern Regional Manager
Johnston, Lyle 252-355-9026 Healthcare Preparedness Responder Health & Safety Specialist
Jordan, Eddie 919-855-4681 Central Regional Education Specialist
Jordan, Vincent 919-855-4683 Central Regional Logistics Specialist
Kennedy, Susan 828-466-5548 ext. 107 Western Regional Secretary
Kiser, Roger 919-210-0847 Healthcare Preparedness Specialist
Likens, Randy 252-355-9026 ext. 206 Eastern Regional Systems Specialist
Messer, Todd 919-855-3839 Education & Credentialing Manager
Mitchell, Tom 919-855-3941 Assistant Chief
Morris, Jim 828-466-5548 ext. 104 Western Regional Compliance Specialist
Nichols, Debra 919-855-4679 Central Regional Administrative Assistant
Powell, Jeff 828-466-5548 ext. 103 Western Regional Manager
Vacant 828-466-5548 Western Regional Education Specialist
Proveaux, Toby 919-855-4688 Communications Consultant
Ray, Will 919-855-3936 Healthcare Planner
Rogers, Susan 919-855-4698 Administrative Secretary
Seagroves, Jan 919-855-4668 Budget Officer
Sides, Donnie S. 919-855-3964 Operations Manager
Sides, Kim 919-855-3942 Compliance Manager
Smith, Susan 919-855-3959 Business Officer
Starr, Julie 919-855-3937 Executive Assistant
Stevens, Paige 919-855-3943 Compliance Assistant
Thompson, Brad 919-855-3947 Healthcare Preparedness Response & Recovery Exercise Specialist
Trembly, Jessica 919-855-3957 Contracts Coordinator
Van Cott, Carl C. 919-855-3955  Communications Director
Winslow, Dr. James 919-855-3935 Medical Director
NC Office of Emergency Medical Services