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NC Department of Health and Human Services

About Us

In support of the DHHS Mission, DIRM provides enterprise information technology leadership to the department, counties, other state agencies, and their partners so that they can leverage technology, resulting ultimately in delivery of consistent, cost effective, reliable, accessible, and secure services.

DIRM works with DHHS and divisional management to help ensure the availability and integrity of automated information systems for the department and its constituent divisions and offices.

DIRM IT services include providing assistance in:

  • Computer application systems software planning, development, transfer, maintenance and modification
  • Telecommunications and network design and management support
  • Computer hardware planning and installation support
  • Technical assistance and consultation in all areas related to the acquisition and installation of computer hardware and software
  • Assit IT policy development
  • Assit IT short term and long term IT planning
  • IT procurement

Our Sections and Units Contacts page has a description of each section within DIRM. Ready NC Connect NC