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Definitions for Maintenance and Enhancement



The process of supporting an application and/or component after delivery to correct defects, maintain performance and/or maintain compatibility with other elements in the technical environment to ultimately ensure the existing system and/or business functionality continues to operate as already designed. The maintenance of the application and/or component is not constrained by the time and/or size of the effort.


  • Provide a long-term solution for an underlying data or application/system problem that leads to a production interrupt(s)
  • Install releases that provide patches or fixes to a commercial off-the-shelf application/system
  • Move county code from one category to another
  • Update database to reassign case workload (i.e., from one worker number to another)
  • Add and/or expand edits to further validate existing data fields
  • Correct a problem/error with an existing interface
  • Modify existing report (e.g., change report number, report header, increase field display characters). This only includes modifications that do not require changes to the report design
  • Modify existing form (e.g., change form number, form data, form headers, etc). This only includes modifications that do not require changes to the form design
  • Modify tables; whether internal or external, to include new fiscal year changes within existing application design. Update batch programs or online screens that need changing to accommodate annual table changes if needed
  • Update an application program to replace a reference to an existing submodule which has been updated by an external stakeholder
  • Add edit to correct extract transformation load (ETL) process to prevent loading of duplicate data
  • Add or remove reference to value and associated program logic from modules (i.e., not decreasing or increasing functionality)
  • Troubleshoot and correct application abends or infrastructure outages
  • Resolve connectivity issues related to network hardware devices (e.g., printers, servers, VPN, routers, VOIP, etc.)
  • Modify/add indices to maintain performance on the retrieval of data
  • Re-write SQL calls to maintain performance within an application
  • Modify backup schedule of network devices
  • Coordinate IT asset inventories, tracking and disposal
  • Coordinate and perform preventative tasks to extend the life of infrastructure hardware
  • Coordinate and complete infrastructure move/add/change requests
  • Provide assistance, direction, coordination, execution, development and/or delivery of documentation, cross-training, planning and data recovery tasks related to maintenance activities



The process of modifying an application and/or component after delivery intended to increase or decrease functionality and capability from the existing design. The change and/or addition to functionality and capability are not constrained by time and/or size of the effort.


  • Add functionality to enable end users to store addresses by a different grouping/category and provide new on-line capabilities so that state level users can edit the addresses
  • Add new funding types to application (i.e., that can not be accomplished by adding entries to an existing application table) and requires modification or expansion to existing functionality
  • Add functionality that allows the end user to enter multiple adjustments to a previously entered amount which was originally designed for a single entry
  • Modify/add/remove data elements to screens, reports and forms
  • Modify/add a screen to allow users to view or edit additional data
  • Create new report that is added to the production solution
  • Create a new form
  • Build a new system interface and/or enhance an existing interface
  • Enhance functionality that retrieves and/or displays historical data
  • Enhance security features of a system
  • Add and/or remove columns of an existing table used by an application, such as a Demographics table
  • Modify functionality of an existing website to add and/or expand new categories, links, design, etc
  • Modify an existing database and/or application to accommodate a new data element, an expansion of length to an existing data element and/or removal of an existing data element
  • Implement VoIP capabilities for an additional site
  • Enhance functionality of ad-hoc special processes per agency requests
  • Add new tables or indices to a database because we are now tracking different data elements
  • Create utility jobs due to new set of databases and tables
  • Increase length of an existing data field and modify corresponding screens and reports
  • Provide assistance, direction, coordination, execution, development and/or delivery of documentation, cross-training, planning and data recovery tasks related to enhancement activities Ready NC Connect NC