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About Us: Parent Support


We are committed to the goal that in North Carolina, “Every Child Succeeds” and we seek to increase the availability of evidence-based family strengthening programs for local communities.  .Child maltreatment as a serious and preventable public health problem.  Children who survive maltreatment are at increased risk for adverse health affects and risky health behaviors in adulthood (CDC, 2008; Felitti, 2004; Felitti et al.,1998).  In order to prevent child maltreatment, efforts must be placed on reducing risk factors and strengthening protective factors within families and communities.


To support our goal of , “Every Child Succeeds”, the Alliance for Evidence-Based Family Strengthening Programs was formed.  The Alliance is a collaborative effort of state-level agencies and private foundations that fund family support and child maltreatment prevention programs in NC with the goal of supporting the successful implementation of evidence-based prevention programs to strengthen families.  The Alliance is a workgroup of the Child Maltreatment Prevention Leadership Team, and is staffed by Prevent Child Abuse NC and the Duke University Center for Child and Family Policy.

Alliance members are committed to working collaboratively to develop and fund a number of evidence-based programs at the state level, including: Nurse Family Partnership, Incredible Years, and Strengthening Families.  This will allow community-based agencies to access the training, consultation, and evaluative supports they need with minimal cost and increased efficiency.

Nurse Family Partnership- is a nationally recognized, evidence-based nurse home visitation program that helps improve the health and life course of first-time, low-income parents and their children. NFP is one of the nation’s most-extensively researched family-strengthening programs, with 30 years of randomized control trials to back up results.

The Incredible Years Parent Training Program- is an evidence-based, 14-week parenting skills course that strengthens families by building parents’ skills and promoting children’s academic, social, and emotional skills. The program primarily works with families of 3-to-12-year olds who are already experiencing challenging behaviors. Parents learn the very basics of parenting: effective discipline, how to give praise and set limits, how to play with their children, and how to deal with challenging behaviors.

The Strengthening Family Programs- is an evidence-based, 14 week parenting skills, children’s life skills, and family life skills training program designed for at-risk families with children age 6 to 16 years old.   The program consists of parenting, children’s life skills, and family skills’ training courses taught together and builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving the youth’s social and life skills.


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