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Health Check and Health Choice Outreach

What is Health Check / NC Health Choice Outreach?

Health Check (Medicaid for Children) and Health Choice are publicly funded children's health insurance programs open to North Carolina residents who meet income, age and immigration guidelines. In North Carolina, these programs are marketed together since the application process is the same and children who may be ineligible for one program may be eligible for the other. The Division of Public Health, Children & Youth Branch coordinates the state's public outreach campaign with special focus on reducing health disparities among African American, American Indian, Latino/Hispanic, and newcomers (refugees, immigrants) to our state.

Our outreach goals are accomplished through partnerships with Health Check Coordinators at local health departments or Community Care of NC Networks, as well as community and faith based organizations who collaborate with the following activities:

  • Develop public educational materials for distribution. See the order form (PDF, 306 KB; DOCX, 25 KB) to request materials for your school, community- and faith-based organization.
  • Evaluate materials as needed to ensure they meet the intended audiences' needs.
  • Distribute available outreach and educational materials (PDF, 60 KB) that are free and may be downloaded as PDFs to make copies as needed for families. These materials may be ordered by completing the order form (PDF, 306 KB; DOCX, 25 KB).
  • Promote and distribute promotional and educational materials to professional groups working with children and their families.
  • Partner with the minority media outlets to extend the reach of critical enrollment and re-enrollment messages as needed.

Who is eligible for Health Check / NC Health Choice?

HC/NCHC Income Eligibility Guidelines

Note: The income guidelines listed below are subject to change. The most current income guidelines are modified each year on April 1st.

Effective April 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014

Family Size Monthly Income Before Taxes*
2 $2,585
3 $3,255
4 $3,925
5 $4,595
6 or more Add $670 for each additional family member

*Your child may also qualify if you earn more but have child care, work-related or child support expenses.

How do I apply for Health Check / NC Health Choice?

To apply in person go to your local county Department of Social Services. If you are unable to go to a Department of Social Services office, you may also print and mail completed applications to your local Department of Social Services office. Or, you may call and ask that an application form be mailed to you.

If you are disabled, a county representative may be able to make a home visit to assist you with the application process. Faxed applications will be accepted. However, applications received over the internet will not be accepted. Some health centers and hospitals have application forms available and may be able to assist you in completing them.

You may access links to the application online from the Division of Medical Assistance in English or in Spanish.

Another online application may be submitted through ePASS where families may get general program information and answers to basic questions including handbooks, eligibility, benefits and costs for a variety of public programs.


Submit comments or ideas on outreach events, activities, and posting of our materials to your web site via email to Norma Marti or by phone at 919-707-5643.