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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

Business Incentives: Hire or Maintain Employment of the Visually Impaired

Building partnerships with an eye on the future

Our goal is to establish a cooperative, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you, the employer, unmatched (and virtually unheard of) in "government services." Let's face it. You need workers. We have workers and we need you. We customize services to employers just as we customize services to our consumers.

Here are some of the services we can offer you:

Custom Referral Service

Our team of rehabilitation professionals will discuss with you your needs and refer only the people who can best fit the job. If we do not have the best fit for you, we will not make the referral. We can assure you, the best match for your needs, because of the comprehensive assessment conducted by our rehabilitation professionals with each individual, prior to making a referral, to determine their skills, strengths, and job readiness.

On-the-Job Training

As our partner, we can assist you with some of the costs associated with training your new employee, which could save you money. Length of time of employee training and amount of assistance available is negotiable.

Work Experiences

Recruiting and hiring is expensive and time consuming for employers and every business wants to choose the best candidate for employment. We can arrange for you to "try out" the person at the work site before you make the final hiring decision. We will take care of FLSA paperwork. Satisfied? Great! Not Satisfied? No problem. Who can offer you a better deal in finding the candidate who can get the job done?

In your discussions with your Vocational Rehabilitation representative you might have heard the words "job trials," "work observations or experiences," or maybe even "try before you buy."

As an employer, when was the last time you were able to observe the work performance of a job candidate prior to making any hiring decision?

With Vocational Rehabilitation and its job candidates, it is true--you and your VR representative can arrange for you to observe the job candidate On-the-Job at your business with no obligation on your part. Of course, your VR representative would not make the suggestion to do a "job trial" unless there was confidence that the candidate could indeed do the job. Regardless, we welcome the opportunity to show you.

Your VR representative will have full details on how to arrange a job trial or work observation at your business.

Workplace Accommodations

Often employers have questions with regard to what is a reasonable accommodation or what type of assistive technology might be needed. We will assist you with Counselors, Employment Consultants, or Technology Specialists to determine the best possible and most economical accommodation. Often we can even assist you in its purchase.

Follow Up Service

Job tasks change. Should there be changes in the employee's work functions, we can come back and assist with training required to bring the employee up to task or work with you and the employee on any new accommodation or required changes to assistive technology.

Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is good for business and good for public image. We have the people you need to meet your diversity objectives.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

We have been contacted by employers who wanted to retain a good worker, but he/she was losing vision and having difficulties with various job tasks. We can help you identify what is needed to bring the employee back up to task and help you retain your valuable employee.

Employers on Disability Issues

Our team of professionals can speak with you or groups of your supervisory staff or employees concerning visual disability and employment.

Employer Tax Incentives

We can help you with payroll tax incentives of up to 40% of the first $6,000 of the employee's first year wages (Work Opportunities Tax Credit). We do the paperwork. You sign and mail it. Other tax credits are also available (Disabled Access Tax Credit, Welfare to Work Tax Credit, Architectural and Transportation Removal Deduction).

More information about the tax credit, including forms.

Contact DSB

Questions about Employer Services? Contact us.


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