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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

Employer Testimonial

"We initially believed that hiring employees through the DSB employment program would be a positive thing for the community, provide inspiration to our other employees, and was simply the "right" thing to do. We were only partially correct. While our original beliefs have all proven true, we've also discovered that our DSB hires have become some of our very best employees. The maturity, dependability, and leadership displayed by our DSB hires coupled with very low turnover have made these employees bedrock to our business. We thought we were doing something good for the community, but it turns out we were also making a fantastic addition to our business. Our recruiting department is in the process of expanding our local DSB hiring program and looking to deploy similar programs in our other locations. Thank you DSB!"

Tony Grimes
Site Director, Sento Corporation

SENTO, a Raleigh based company has been an Employer Partner with DSB for six years and employed four individuals who are visually impaired. These employees provide quality services to the customers calling in for specific information about remote controls.

Services DSB Provided

In order to work with SENTO, the consumers had to pass a hiring test required of all applicants. Before their start date, DSB provided on-site analysis by the DSB engineer to insure compatibility of employer software with JAWS, the speech software program needed by the consumers to access their computers. DSB provided the software and larger monitors where needed, as well as on-site technology support and training for the new employees. , There were some reference materials that needed to be translated into Braille and this was done by the DSB office. During the first few months of employment, SENTO underwent a major building restoration project and the DSB Rehabilitation Engineer was involved in assisting the employees with changes to their work site. In addition the DSB engineer worked with the company IT personnel to sort out any additional concerns that were raised as the employees became more knowledgeable about their jobs. DSB also provided Orientation services at the on-set of the hire. This service is provided by a certified Orientation and Mobility Instructor and is done to familiarize the employees with the layout of the building, so they can get around independently and safely.

The Employer Partner Role

The cooperation and willingness of SENTO to see beyond one's physical impairments and to focus on the individual's qualifications provided DSB the opportunity to develop an employer partnership. The joint efforts of Sento and DSB made the match possible for individuals with vision impairments to perform the same work that sighted individuals are doing. Today, these employees continue to provide quality service for SENTO and they remain competitively employed at a job they enjoy. Ready NC Connect NC