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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

Services for Teens: School-to-Work Transition

You can receive School To Work Transition Services as part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

If you are a high school student and you are blind, have a visual impairment, or have both vision and hearing loss, the Division can help you plan your move from school to employment. By working with your teachers and guidance counselors, our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors can provide specialized services to ensure you are able to go to work in the job of your choice.

For help obtaining any of the services below, contact the DSB District Office nearest you.

Career Counseling

We can begin working with you as early as age 14 to help you explore the world of work and identify your career interests. Skill and educational requirements along with future job availability will be explored. Activities such as visiting employers where someone does the job that interests you, working side-by-side with someone in this career, or doing volunteer work can be helpful.

Summer Transition Programs

Summer Transition Programs are offered through our Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Raleigh, where they vary in scope. One program provides an opportunity to explore career interests as well as take specialized classes in areas such as Braille, safe travel, technology and daily living skills. Another offers paid work experiences. If you plan to attend college in the future, our College Prep program is designed to help college bound students prepare for life after high school. Referral to this program is through your transition counselor or rehabilitation counselor in your local District Office.

Vocational and College Training

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor can assist you in finding a school that will prepare you for your job goal. We can also help you to identify financial resources that might cover part or all of the costs of your training. This may include financial assistance from DSB. Your need for services such as readers or technology will be discussed and a counselor will work with you and the school to ensure your success.

Job Placement

When you are ready for work right after high school, we are ready to assist you with finding a job based on your interests and abilities. Our Counselors have knowledge of employers in your community, and will locate potential job openings for you. We may be able to arrange On-the-Job training with your employer. If you attend training after high school, we will begin working with you to find employment as you move towards graduation.

Keeping a Job

After you go to work, we will stay in touch with you for several months to ensure your success. If you or your employer have concerns about how things are going on your job, we will work with the two of you to resolve the issues. Or, if your job duties change we can help you make the transition and, if needed, identify modifications that might be needed. Helping you to keep your job is very important to us.


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