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Opportunities to Volunteer and Stories of Those Who Do


wynns chapel image

The Wynn’s Chapel Church (Pastor Willie Hill, 1st on the left) has been coming to Longleaf for over 20 years. When asked of his experience, he stated: It’s a blessing to be able to come and render spiritual needs to those less fortunate. Staff and residents are well cared for; I can see that on their faces. I love the way the facility has changed into a more home-like environment. We have given on many occasions during special times of the year and felt as if the residents really appreciate the items. We count it a spiritual blessing to be associated with Longleaf.


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization that provides O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center with the opportunity to raise money through the bi-annual Tootsie Roll Drives and other events. In addition, they have also provided grants and other monies to purchase automatic doors on campus, cookout imagethe creation of several parks on campus, purchase of gazebos, as well as many more large items that improve the independence and quality of life for our individuals.  In addition to the monetary contributions, the Knights of Columbus also provide the individuals that reside at the Center with an annual picnic.

Quote from Rick McCormick, Knight of Columbus

My involvement with the Knights and volunteering with O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center is something that myself and the other Knights enjoy and look forward to helping them in organizing fundraising projects for grants, automatic doors, materials and products for beatification projects on campus.
The Tootsie Roll Drive that is held bi-annually is a project where the Knights provide the support, materials and I enjoy volunteering every year to help raise money for the individuals at O’Berry.


Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is a non-profit international organization with a chapter in NC. Chapters and members hold fundraising events and make personal donations to support O’Berry through parades, presents, and donations in a program called Gifts On Cycles. This event takes place on the 1st Saturday in December.  goldwings volunteer imageThey provide our individuals with gifts, as well as monetary donations that have provided Christmas lights and other decorations for the individual’s enjoyment, as well as to provide other items such as recliners, television and other necessities in the homes.

Quote from Walter Snider; current president

The Eastern section of the North Carolina District for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association comes together each year to donate monies and gifts to be used to help the residents of O’Berry Center. We are glad to help and pray we are able to help make the quality of life a little better for the O’Berry residents. Their smiles are infectious and we look forward to seeing them each year!


Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts of America

Various Girl and Boy Scouts and their troops have come to O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center as a part of their service projects, providing the Center with birdhouses, butterfly gardens, benches, swings, garden walls, and decks in our parks, as well as the garden feature around the flagpoles at the main entrance of the Center.



The Epicureans are a male civic organization that has volunteered to assist in various campus leisure/recreational activities.



The Continentals are a female non-profit organization whose primary focus is to serve children and youth with special needs.  They serve in the areas of health, education, employment, art and humanities. The Goldsboro Chapter has volunteered to assist in various campus leisure/recreational activities.


Ladies Auxiliary VFW

Ladies Auxiliary imageThe Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsors various group homes and/or individuals and provided birthday and holiday celebrations.


Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society is a global society of women that supports and encourages women in their pursuit of red hat society imagefun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness.  They sponsored a group of women on campus to begin their own Red Hat Chapter and continue to support them during their activities.


Carter Family

This particular family has provided many years of service to O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center by hosting a holiday social and providing gifts to individuals without family or sponsors.  carter family imageThis project started with only a handful of individuals being sponsored and has expanded to benefit over 85 individuals.  This family raises money throughout the year to be able assist O’Berry in ensuring a wonderful Christmas is experienced by all.

Various Community Volunteers

O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center has numerous volunteers who assist with special recreational and/or leisure activities on campus including local entertainers, artisans, community schools, previous employees, and friends/family of staff.  A huge number of volunteers are utilized during Christmas events, such as local fire departments, high school bands & ROTC, and community clubs.


Volunteering with the Pet Therapy Program at Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center allows Kathryn to make contact with others in the community, especially those who are mentally challengedpet therapy imageIt is worth the drive from Little Switzerland, NC to Black Mountain to give of my time to serve the residents there.  I look forward to it each and every time!

Kathryn House, Pet Therapy


The Bud Lewis Group has been volunteers at Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Center for over 20 years. We look forward each and every time in coming to play gospel, bluegrass and other selections for the residents there. bud lewis group image

We truly enjoy the fun and interaction with the residents, staff, and other volunteers who come to play and sing with us.  Currently, we sing and play with Warren Wilson College, Tony Hooper and Kathleen Stuckey.


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