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DHHS Cares: Volunteering in State Operated Healthcare Facilities

Current Specific Volunteer and Donation Opportunities Available

 Riddle Developmental Center, Morganton, NC

  • iPhone (used is fine)
  • Bedding plants for the Spring planting (any amount will be appreciated)
  • Three wheeled bicycle for resident use
  • Two wheeled bike so staff can ride with residents

Link to PDF file (Resident Wish List Riddle)

Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center, Wilson, NC

Main Street

The Book Nook (Library)

Days: Monday –Thursday

Time: Between 9:30a to 11:30a and 2:00p to 4:00p

Number of Volunteers needed: 2 to 4 persons

Volunteers can assist by:
-   holding a reading session
-   helping residents locate books and turning pages
-   residents with writing letters

Longleaf National Bank

Days: Monday –Thursday

Time: Between 9:30a to 11:30a and 2:00p to 4:00p

Number of volunteers needed: 1

Volunteers can assist by:
-   making transactions for the residents with their “Longleaf Bucks”
-   keeping a tally of the resident’s accounts for information purposes
-   being social with residents and help direct them to other venues on Main Street once their transaction is complete


Social Avenue Area

Days: Monday – Thursday

Time: Between 9:30a to 11:30a and 2:00p to 4:00p

Number of volunteers needed: 2 to 3 persons

Volunteers can assist:
-   the residents with board games
-   wiith seasonal parties held in this area
-   watch TV with a resident and engage in conversation
-   with the basketball and pinball machine


Days: Monday –Thursday

Time: Between 9:30a and 11:30a and 2:00p to 4:00p

Number of volunteers needed: 2

Volunteers can assist:
-   with the greeting of the residents as they enter Main Street
-   issue the residents their Longleaf Bucks
-   by checking off the names of the residents who enter and the ones who leave

Movie Theatre

Days: Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays

Time: (W) 7:00pm, (F) 2:00p,(S) 10a

Number of volunteers needed: 1 to 2 persons

Volunteers can assist by:
-   giving out the movie tickets
-   monitoring the movie theatre area
-   helping staff transport to and from movie area

Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center, Black Mountain, NC

  • Seeds, plants, soil and/or tools to implement a community perennial garden on campus.
  • Volunteers to initiate and maintain the garden.
  • Patients have requested copies of the books used in their community meetings, specifically “One Day at a Time in Al-Anon” by Al-Anon Family Group Head Inc and “Touchstones; a Book of Daily Meditations for Men” by Hazelden Publications.
  • Items/supplies for patient craft activities (i.e., Yarn, hemp, jute, elastic, beads and old jewelry for beading; yarn for crochet projects; colored pens, glue, cardstock and watercolor paper for drawing and stamping)
  • Retail grade clothing racks for the Clothes Closet.
  • Men’s and Women’s dorms need gloves, coats, jeans/warm pants, new socks and underwear, and warm hats.  (Some patients come to the facility with nothing other than the clothes they are wearing, which aren’t always weather appropriate.)
  • Men’s dorm needs men’s gym shoes.
  • The Acute Care Unit needs white socks.
  • Women’s Dorm needs sports bras, especially the smaller sizes.
  • Men & Women’s Dorms need battery operated alarm clocks to be checked out by patients so that they can get to class on time.  The clocks cannot have music, just an alarm. (Available at Dollar General for $5 each). 
  • Men’s and Women’s dorms have requested small prizes to be awarded at Bingo, new books, and Bibles.

Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center, Black Mountain, NC

  • Provide musical entertainment
  • Participate in special events
  • Assist in the Greenhouse
  • Assist with the Equestrian Program (Seasonal)
  • Provide Pet Therapy
  • Art Program
  • Aquatics Program
  • Quarterly Events to assist (Life Quality Leaders, and Creative Expressive Arts - Music and Art)
  • 1000 miniature Christmas Lights for the Multi-Purpose Room Christmas Tree for year 2011. 
  • Christmas gift name tags are needed for resident gifts for 2011. 


Special Projects Yearly:

  • Gift Wrapping
  • Outside Projects (Supervision Provided)

Immediate Needs

  • Balloons to be used with helium for upcoming events;  The Games, Independence Day Celebration, Fall Festival, Christmas Celebrations, and Valentines Dance Events are when balloons are needed the most.      
    Red balloons are the number one color we use the most, especially on Valentine’s, Independence Day Celebration, and Christmas.  The other colors in need are: white, blue, orange and pink.

  • TV replacement in a resident activity area; size would need to be no more that 37”.  

Caswell Developmental Center , Kinston, NC

  • Inexpensive Bingo prizes for males and females (such as jewelry, body sprays, lotions, fanny packs,CD's, DVD's, perfume, cologne, fingernail polish and remover, etc.)
  • Gift bags and tissue paper for residents' Birthday Club
  • Plastic clothes hangers
  • Tennis balls (used ones are fine because they are for bottom of walkers)
  • Makeup items (lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeshadow)
  • Sturdy puzzles (wood or cardboard) large pieces
  • Arts & craft items (paints, paintbrushes, poster paper, art paper, stencils, etc., or art kits
  • Holiday or party decorations for special events

O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center, Goldsboro, NC

  • Volunteers or groups to sponsor an individual or group home for birthdays, holidays or seasonal activities
  • Individuals or groups to sponsor projects (financially or otherwise) for the development of a sensory garden at O'Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center.

Cherry Hospital, Goldsboro, NC

Magazines for Men

    • Some Examples Include:
      • Sports Illustrated
      • Men's Health
      • This Old House
      • Car and Driver
      • Field and Stream


If you have a talent for penmanship, the Cherry Hospital Museum has a space waiting for you!  Forty years-worth of history highlights need to be recorded.  Museum staff will provide the list of highlights and the supplies needed for this project.  Volunteer can work on-site or at home. 

Is Your Business Sew Business? 

If needle and thread make you happy, then you will be delighted to hear about this opportunity to sew tote bags for patients being discharged from the hospital.  Patterns and materials will be provided.  Volunteer can work on-site or at home (if a sewing machine is available).


Do you sing, dance, perform magic or participate in a band or other group?  If so, we have an audience for you.  Patients and staff welcome entertainers to the auditorium where the stage and lights await!  Past entertainers have included local high school bands and show choirs, the Mount Olive College Singers, Free Spirit from Mount Olive College, the ECU jazz band, barbershop quartets, and Miss Goldsboro.

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