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Policy: Independent Living Services

Information on this page sets forth the official policy of the Independent Living Rehabilitation Program of the N.C. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

There are three documents. The first is “Casework and Service Delivery Policy.” This document is divided into chapters and sections. Many sections are divided further into subsections. Each chapter, section and subsection is numbered.

  • On page two, a Table of Contents lists each section by number and its page number.
  • An Appendix lists major topics alphabetically and the page number where it begins.
  • An Index lists all topics alphabetically and all page numbers where they’re found.

View the document Casework and Service Delivery Policy. (PDF, 1.6 MB)

The second and third documents are official memoranda that explain, refine or affect how the policies and procedures are administered. View the document Policy Transmittals (PDF, 1 MB). View the document Policy Directives (PDF, 2 MB).

All policies set forth in these documents became effective July 1, 2010 and replace all Independent Living Rehabilitation Program policy and procedural information in existence prior to that date.

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