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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Health IT

N.C. Telehealth Network


The NC TeleHealth Network (NCTN) is a project devoted to creating an operating dedicated broadband facilities with Internet and Internet2 gateways needed by many public non-profit healthcare providers in NC. The NCTN has two phases: the NCTN-PH and NCTN-H Phase.

The NCTN-PH phase of the NCTN supports public health sites, some free clinics, and some rural health centers in NC in creating a dedicated broadband network to support: the exchange of health information, access to tele-education facilities, Meaningful Use of EHR needs, access to tele-medicine applications, disaster monitoring and response support, and the suite of emerging networked health IT services that improve the value that these institutions bring to the public in NC. Expect to see NCTN-PH go live in summer of 2010.

The next phase, NCTN-H, will support NC's hospitals. It is intended to be tied to the NCTN-PH to form a (logically) dedicated network for all of these health-related entities. Expect to see NCTN-H go live in fall-winter of 2010.

More information is available on the North Carolina TeleHealth Network website.


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