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Homelessness in North Carolina


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Ten-Year Plans to End Homelessness

The ICCHP is aggressively shaping homeless policy in our state through support of local communities creating 10-year plans to end homelessness. Currently 12 communities have drafted a mayoral or county chair endorsed 10-year plan. The plans provide a policy framework for maximizing existing resources and creating new tools to provide needed housing with appropriate services for preventing homelessness and serving people and families exiting the homeless service system. The plans also identify strategies for reducing the connection between the back door of publicly funded systems and the front door of our homeless service system. The ICCHP will work with communities as they develop local plans to end homelessness, striving to maximize the efforts and increase the effectiveness of both the state and local plans.

The following local governments have adopted 10-Year Plans:

As more and more communities engage in this process, our most vulnerable citizens families, unaccompanied youth, and people with disabilities will no longer be sleeping on our streets. Instead, plans will direct coordinated, intentional strategies that provide outcomes we all seek and an end to homelessness in North Carolina.


Last Modified: January 28, 2011