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DHHS Secretary's Office Safety Representatives

Annette Bagwell Division of Aging Annette.Bagwell@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-855-3446
Rom Lewis Office of the Controller, Raleigh Rom.Lewis@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-733-0169
Sarah McDonald Office of the Controller, Oberlin Road Sarah.McDonald@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-733-0169
Donna Miles Office of the Controller, Spruill Annex Donna.Miles@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-855-3679
Teresa Revis Office of the Controller, Albemarle Building Teresa.Revis@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-715-9581
Vacant Office of the Controller, Regions @dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-
Teresa Hosford

Office of the Controller,

North Region

Phone: 919-575-3008
Gloria Wagoner Office of the Controller, Eastern Region Gloria.Wagoner@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-731-3277
Lori Mosteller Office of the Controller, Western Region Lori.Mosteller@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 828-433-2297
JoAnn Toomey NC Council on Developmental Disabilities JoAnn.Toomey@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-420-7901 x 4074
Valerie Morgan Economic Opportunity Valerie.Morgan@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 715-5850

D'Wayne Wilkins

Tracie Miller

Rural Health

Phone: 919-733-2040

Phone: 919-733-2040

Laura Honeycutt NC Fast Laura.Honeycutt@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-707-4111
Craig Forsyth Internal Audit Craig.Forsyth@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-714-4791
Melba McCloud Procurement and Contracting Melba.McCloud@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-855-4082
Dianna Bowers DIRM Dianna.Bowers@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone : 919-855-3276
Robert Bowie OMMIS Robert.Bowie@dhhs.nc.gov
Phone: 919-647-8337

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Home > Safety Directors