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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources

Classification and Compensation

Extended Duty


Extended Duty allows certain medical personnel the ability to receive hour for hour pay for hours worked over forty in a work week, rather than receiving compensatory time off. Physicians / Psychiatrists, Physician Extenders / Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists are the only approved classes in DHHS to receive extended duty pay. The OSHR policy limits extended duty paid hours to 20 per week. An authorized employee can work a regular 40 hour schedule and if they are providing direct care beyond those regularly scheduled hours, 20 of them are paid at straight time. Any remaining hours worked in that week would be granted as compensatory time.

To be eligible for extended duty, the position classification must be on the approved OSHR list as eligible for Extended Duty. Management has the discretion to use compensatory time in lieu of extended duty.

Helpful Hints

The hourly rate for extended duty pay must be entered on the position setting in the BEACON system.

Any extended duty hours worked are entered into the BEACON system timesheet as 9500 – time worked. The system will automatically generate those hours as paid at straight time.

Any extended duty hours worked over 20 in the workweek will be granted as compensatory time.

On the employee pay statement, the extended duty hours and pay are listed as extended duty. 

The BEACON payroll system uses additional time worked to offset leave liabilities, adverse weather and paid leave (i.e., vacation and sick) before extended duty is actually paid out. Ready NC Connect NC