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Classification and Compensation

Trainee Progressions


A trainee appointment is designated to an individual who does not meet the minimum training and educational requirements of a job. A trainee progression is used to bring the person to an agreed upon standard of proficiency typically related to the fulfillment of a license requirement. It can also be used for jobs where some amount of on-the job-experience is required for the person to meet the minimum experience standard for that particular job.

Helpful Hints

  • In the past, trainee classifications had their own unique schematic code and were hired into a position with the word “trainee” in their classification title.  This is not the case in the BEACON payroll system.  When an employee is hired as a trainee, they are placed in the regular classification and are designated in their employee subgroup as a trainee.
  • The trainee status rests with the employee, rather than the position.  The employee is provided an offer letter that outlines the steps of the agreed upon trainee progression. At each interval of the trainee progression, a salary adjustment can be granted as outlined in the offer agreement.
  • Employees hired as trainees must be subject to overtime during the duration of the trainee period. The probationary period runs concurrently with the traineeship.  When the trainee progression is complete and the employee is moved to the full class, the appointment type becomes permanent using the appropriate employee subgroup.
  • In years where a Legislative Increase (LI) is given, the trainee salary progression rates will change and the employee’s salary increases will adjust accordingly. A tracking mechanism is in place to ensure that trainee employees receive their salary adjustments according to schedule as outlined in their offer letter. Ready NC Connect NC