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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources

Job Seekers

  1. Check the Current Job Listing external link for available jobs at DHHS.
  2. Print out the posting or copy the following details so you will have the information available as you fill out the application:

    • Position Title,
    • Position Number,
    • Closing Date,
    • Knowledge Skills and Abilities,
    • Training and Experience,
    • Any "Management Preferences" listed,
    • Contact Person, and
    • Address for submitting your application.

  3. Submit the Job Application external link by the Closing Date.
  4. Make sure that you do the following:

    • Completely fill out the form.
    • Sign and date the application.
    • Include the position title and number.
    • Send it or hand deliver it to the contact person listed in the job posting.
    • The application must be received by 5 pm on the closing date listed.
    • If applying for more than one position, submit a separate application form for each vacancy.

Important Notes


You may include a resume, but the State Application Form must be completed fully. Because theapplication form rather than the resume is used by DHHS staff to decide which applicants qualify for further consideration, be sure to list all experience, education, and training that qualifies you for the position on the application form.


Some offices will accept faxed applications to get them in by the closing date. Call the Contact Person listed on the job posting to check. If you do fax an application, you will also have to turn in a signed and dated application form at some point for final consideration.

If you have questions about the posted job or application process, call the Human Resource Contact Person listed in the vacancy posting. The main phone numbers are also listed on our Contacts page.

Tips For Success

Looking for Vacancies

Check the online listing frequently. The listing is updated daily and our department posts vacancies as they occur.

Completing the Application Form

Completing one application and copying it for several openings is not usually the best idea! Each job posting usually has some different "knowledge skills and abilities" and "management preferences" listed, so make sure that you write separate descriptions of your experience for each position. If your past experience includes some different jobs and duties, describe how your past experience fits each job.

For example, let's say that you are applying for both an Accounting Technician II and an Administrative Assistant position at a local DHHS office. By reading the requirements carefully, you would probably find that the "knowledge skills and abilities" and "management preferences" listed for each job are different. On the Accounting Technician II application, you'd probably need to emphasize your specific bookkeeping duties in your last job. On the Administrative Assistant application, you might be able to shorten the description of your bookkeeping experience and describe more about your word processing, communication, and report writing experience.

Good luck on your job search and we appreciate your interest in DHHS! Ready NC Connect NC