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Optional Insurance

In addition to the State Health Plan, you have 30 days to decide on optional insurance coverage available to you (including the NC Flex Plan and ARAG Legal Plan). If you choose not to enroll within 30 days for the NC Flex Plan or the ARAG Legal Plan, you will not have another opportunity to get the coverage until the next “Annual Enrollment Period” unless it is a qualified event. (You will be notified of specific enrollment dates).

Also, you may enroll in the Reliastar Term Life Plan within 60 days of your start date and the PIC Disability Plan within 90 days of your start date. You are still eligible to enroll in these plans at any time the year, but you will have to answer additional enrollment questions.

Your HR representative will give you some information to look over on each optional insurance program that will include:

  • The cost of each type of insurance
  • Detailed information on what is covered
  • How to enroll in the insurance plan

If you decide to enroll in any of these program, the premium amount will be deducted each month from your paycheck. Some of the programs are covered under the NC Flex program that allows your premiums to be taken from your gross salary that is not taxed (saving you money). (See the NC Flex section for more information.)

If you are covered by insurance from a previous state job, talk to your HR representative about options for keeping this insurance or switching coverage.

Here you will find a brief description of each type of insurance benefit and a web site link (if available) for more information:

* These plans are available under the NC Flex Plan and premiums are deducted from pre-tax salary.

Dental Plan administered by United Concordia*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

You can choose a High Option or Low Option plan under this NC Flex option. Both options allow you to select the dentist of your choice and coverage to include yourself only or additional family members.

Vision Care from Superior Vision Services (SVS)*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

This plan offers three plans each covering either eyeglasses or contact lenses (but not both). If you use certain providers in their network it will cost you less, but you can go to any eye care provider and pay the difference (if any) between what the insurance pays and your actual costs. You can choose Plan 1 that includes coverage for eye exams, Plan 2 that does not include eye exams, or Plan 3 that includes extended coverage for eye exams and materials.

Critical Illness*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

This insurance provides a lump-sum payment when a covered person experiences a covered condition, such as cancer, bone marrow transplant, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass grafat, heart transplant, major organ transplant, or kidney failure.

Cancer Insurance*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

Cancer Insurance is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage if you are diagnosed with certain types of cancer. This coverage is in addition to any medical or disability insurance you have in place.

Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

This insurance plan pays death benefits or pays ongoing benefits if you are injured in certain types of accidents or have disabling injuries. It covers you 24 hours per day whether on or off the job.

Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance*
(See ncflex.org site for more information.)

Term life insurance pays a benefit to your beneficiary(ies) when you die. If you enroll in this plan the first time it is offered to you as a new employee, you may select coverage on a guaranteed basis up to $100,000 without providing "Evidence of Insurability."

Reliastar Term Life
See the Professional Insurance Company (Pierce Insurance) website to view the video or to the Pierce Insurance Company website for more information).

Under this term life insurance, your premium is based on the amount of coverage you choose. For yourself, you may choose $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, up to $500,000 of coverage (at intervals of $10,000). You may also add coverage for your spouse or dependents based on different coverage amounts.

Humana Dental Plus

This plan reimburses you at certain rates depending on the type of services you receive and based on the length of policy ownership for certain services such as crowns and dentures. This dental policy allows you to select the dentist of your choice and coverage to include yourself only or additional family members.

ARAG Legal Plan
See ARAGLegalCenter.com and enter Access Code: 11246nc for more information.)

This coverage offers two plans including in-office, telephone legal services and online legal options for legal issues covered under the plan.

Protective Life Insurance

This plan offers universal life insurance which gives you permanent life insurance protection and access to cash values that grow tax-deferred at competitive interest rates. The premiums of a universal life policy are in split two ways. The premiums you pay goes toward covering the cost of the insurance policy and the remaining balance is invested and earns interest on a tax deferred basis and may increase the cash and death benefit values. Also, in a temporary cash crunch, you can pay less than the scheduled premium and let the policy's accumulated cash value pay the remainder of the monthly charges.

Important Note:
If you work as support staff for 10 or 11 months per year in one of our schools or institutions, go to 10/11 month employees section for some additional important information about your health care benefit deductions.

Last updated: January 8, 2013

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