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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

Communication Bulletins

NOTICE: Joint Communication Bulletins from NC DMH/DD/SAS and NC DMA are no longer being posted to this website. The content of the bulletins will be republished soon in another format. Anyone wishing access to a Joint Communication Bulletin may email: Contact DMH.

DMH/DD/SAS Communication Bulletins

Communication Bulletins are formal communications that the Division of MH/DD/SAS uses to inform the public as new developments occur.

Topical Index and Abstracts of Communication Bulletins

This index provides an overview of the various subjects covered in the Communication Bulletins.  When new bulletins are published, this index will be updated. Refer to the instructions on using this index to research specific topics of interest.

Archived Communication Bulletins

Communication Bulletin #143 NC-TOPPS 2014-2015 User Tools and Guidelines (6/20/14)

Communication Bulletin #142 Benefit Plan Streamlining (6/11/14)

Communication Bulletin #141 DSM and ASAM Criteria (4/16/14)

Communication Bulletin #140 Forensic Evaluator Guidelines (12/3/13)

Communication Bulletin #139 Person-Centered Crisis Prevention & Intervention Plan & Crisis Plan Training Element (9/23/13)

Communication Bulletin #138 State Funded Supported Employment Services for the I/DD Population (8/29/13)

Communication Bulletin #137 State Funded ACT Service Update (8/21/13)

Communication Bulletin #136 Community System Progress Report and Critical Measures at a Glance (7/17/13)

Communication Bulletin #135 Medicaid Provider Numbers No Longer Required (7/17/13)

Communication Bulletin #134 CABHA Re-Certification Update (7/16/13)

Communication Bulletin #133 Physician Assistants and Associate Level Licensed Providers (7/16/13)

Communication Bulletin #132 Supported Employment and Long Term Vocational Support Definitions 6/13/13)

Communication Bulletin #131 Enhanced Mental Health & Substance Abuse Service Policies (4/23/13)

Communication Bulletin #130 Communication Updates to System Stakeholders (4/23/13)

Communication Bulletin #129 Community System Progress Report and Critical Measures at a Glance (3/26/13)

Communication Bulletin #128 New CPT Codes in IPRS & Addition of Medical Evaluation & Management Codes for use by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners in IPRS (2/8/13)

Communication Bulletin #127 Rebasing of Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Block Grant Prevention 20% Set-Aside Funds (1/17/13)



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