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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

On Friday, April 17th, at 12pm through Monday, April 20th, at 8am, DMHDDSAS phones will be temporarily out of services. If you need assistance, please call 919-981-2580 and we will ensure that your message is emailed to the appropriate staff person.


Implementation Updates

Enhanced Services Implementation Updates pertain to enhanced benefit services and are jointly approved by the Division of Medical Assistance and the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services.

Topical Index and Abstracts of Implementation Updates

This index summarizes the different topics discussed in the Implementation Updates.  As additional updates are published, this index will be revised accordingly. Refer to the instructions on using this index to research specific topics of interest.

Archived Implementation Updates


Implementation Update #100

Implementation Update #100 (1/28/13)

  • CABHA Certification Update
  • Primary Care & Behavioral Health Referral Forms
  • Referrals for Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
  • Housing Specialist Role in DOJ Settlement
  • Incident Reporting Reminders

Implementation Update #99

Implementation Update #99 (7/9/12)

  • Treatment of Information Made Confidential by N.C.G.S. §122C

Implementation Update #98

Implementation Update #98 (7/3/12)

  • Change in Provider Monitoring Tools
  • Provider Endorsement Ends
  • NC-TOPPS Enhancements & Changes
  • SOC in 1915 b/c Waiver Environment
  • Medicaid Recipient Eligibility Verification
  • Auth Requests for Psychiatric Inpatient Acute Care
  • CON for Free-standing Psychiatric Hospitals/PRTF
  • Clarification Regarding Psychiatric Billing
  • Extension for Provisionally Licensed
  • Clarification of DHSR Good Standing Status

Implementation Update #97

Implementation Update #97 (5/28/12)

  • PRTF Inventory
  • Outpatient BH Provider Audit/Investigations
  • Innovations 1915c Waiver Amendment
  • Extension of Current CAP-MR/DD Waiver
  • Referral forms for Primary Care/Beh. Health
  • Processing of TFC Claims for NCHC/EPSDT
  • NCHC Claims for SAIOP
  • Co-Pay Issues for NCHC Claims
  • Office Relocations for PI/Finance/Hearings


  • Form 1: Behavioral Health Agency Request for Information
  • Form 2: Referral to Behavioral Health Services
  • Form 3: Behavioral Health Feedback to Primary Care

Implementation Update #96

Implementation Update #96 (4/25/12)

  • 1915 (b)/(c) Medicaid Waiver Expansion Update

Implementation Update #95

Implementation Update #95 (3/15/12)

  • 1915 (b)/(c) Medicaid Waiver Expansion

Implementation Update #94

Implementation Update #94 (2/17/12)

  • 1915 (b)/(c) Medicaid Waiver Expansion

Implementation Update #93

Implementation Update #93 (11/21/11)

  • NC Division of Medical Assistance - Program Integrity

Implementation Update #92

Implementation Update #92 (11/10/11)

  • CABHA Rules
  • Extension of Current CAP-MR/DD Waiver
  • Health Choice Claims Denial/Retro Auth.
  • H Code Limits for Provisionally Licensed
  • Resolution for IPRS & Medicaid Claims Denial
  • Cardinal Innovations Health Plan
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Seminar
  • Endorsement Time Frames Tripled

Implementation Update #91

Implementation Update #91 (10/10/11)

Implementation Update #91 Summary (10/17/11)

The effective date for rate change should have been November 1 and not October 1, 2011.

  • Notice of Rate Reductions
  • Health Choice Transition
  • Payment on Professional Crossover Claims
  • Outpatient Behavioral Services Seminars
  • E-Mail Updates on Medicaid Alerts

Implementation Update #90

Implementation Update #90 (9/7/11)

  • Enrolling Medicaid/Health Choice in CCNC/CA
  • Changes in Behavioral Health for Health Choice
  • New UR Guidelines for Residential
  • Electronic Prior Approval Requests
  • CAP-I/DD Policy for Exception/Extention
  • CAP-MR/DD Waiver Slots/MFP Slots Update
  • Guidance for Electronic Signatures
  • Fraudulent Trends in Outpatient Services
  • Reporting Provider Fraud & Abuse
  • First Commitment Update
  • CABHA Key Staff Changes

Implementation Update #89

Implementation Update #89 (8/3/11)

Implementation Update #89 Summary (8/17/11)

  • Medicaid Waiver Strategic Plan
  • MH/DD/SAS Integrated Care Toolkit
  • CABHA Monitoring
  • Electronic Submission of Prior Authorization
  • Quality of Care Update
  • IRIS Updates for FY 2012
  • Independent Assessment for CST
  • Proposed Changes to Medicaid Policy 8C
  • Clarification of NCCI & Enrollment
  • Outpatient Billing "Incident to" a Physician
  • Perception of Care Surveys
  • CAP-MR/DD and MFP Slots
  • Press Release on Health Care Fraud

Implementation Update #88

Special Implementation Update #88 (7/26/11)

  • Selection of LMEs to Participate in the 1915 b/c Waiver

Implementation Update #87

Implementation Update #87 (7/13/11)

Implementation Update #87 Summary (7/13/11)

  • Clarification of Unmanaged Outpatient Visits
  • Provisionally Licensed Billing Extension/NCCI
  • NCCI Update: Billing "Incident To"
  • Requests for Non-Covered Services: ADATC
  • Frequently Asked CABHA Billing Questions
  • New CABHA Provider Affiliation Denial Code
  • Changes in Medicaid PA and Due Process
  • Peer Support Service Update
  • Protocol for Out of State Placement/Enrollment
  • NC-TOPPS Enhancements
  • MH/SA & DD TCM Medicaid Audit Findings

Implementation Update #86

Implementation Update #86 (4/6/11)
Summary Implementation Update #86 (4/20/11)

Training Requirements for Community Support Team, Intensive In-Home, Day Treatment and Mental Health/Substance Abuse Targeted Case Management

  • Training for CST, IIH, DT, & MH/SA TCM
  • Training Opportunity: MINT for New Trainers
  • Endorsement Policy
  • CABHA First Responder Responsibility
  • Update to CABHA Letter of Attestation Process
  • CST/IIH Team Leader Clarification
  • Outpatient Codes, Limits, Referrals & PA NCCI Update
  • Medicare & TPL Bypass for DA & PH
  • VO: Advantage of Online Request Submission
  • Due Process & PA Policy & Procedures


Implementation Update #85

Implementation Update #85 (2/9/11) Revised 2/24/11
Summary of Implementation Update #85 (3/2/11)

Update to article: Revision to Level III/IV Child/Adolescent Discharge/Transition Plan for Level III and IV.

    • Implementation of the NCCI
    • CABHA Electronic Commerce Requirements
    • Auth/Billing prior to CABHA Enrollment
    • CST, IIH, DT after January 1, 2011
    • Endorsement Triple Time Frames
    • CABHA: Changes of Ownership
    • Billing "Incident to" the MD
    • Revision to Level III/IV Discharge Plan
    • FAQ Regarding MST Implementation
    • 6-Hour PCT/Recovery Training elements
    • Medicaid Policy Updates
    • Prior Approval Additional Information Request
    • CAP/MR-DD UR by LMEs FAX Numbers
    • Supports Intensity Scale Update
    • CAP-MR/DD Update: Self Direction
    • T1999 Supplies for CAP-MR/DD
    • Post-Payment Reviews by PCG



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