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NC-TOPPS (NC Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance System)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do NC-TOPPS?

NC-TOPPS measures the quality of substance abuse and mental health services and their impact on individuals' lives. By capturing key information on a consumer's service needs and life situation during a current episode of care, NC-TOPPS aids in developing treatment plans and evaluating the impact of services on an individual's life. It supports Local Management Entities-Managed Care
Organizations (LME-MCOs) in their responsibility for monitoring services in each LME-MCO's catchment area. The data generated through NC-TOPPS helps the DMH/DD/SAS, LME-MCOs and provider agencies improve the quality of services. In addition, NC-TOPPS provides data for meeting federal performance and outcome measurement requirements, which allows North Carolina to evaluate its service system in comparison to other states.

Where do I find the NC-TOPPS Guidelines?

The NC-TOPPS Guidelines can be found on the UserLinks page

Are consumers who are diagnosed with both DD and SA and/or MH required to have a NC-TOPPS?

If the consumer's primary diagnosis is DD, a NC-TOPPS is not required. All other consumers who are in the required categories should have a NC-TOPPS completed.

Who is responsible for completing the NC-TOPPS interviews?

Responsibility for completing NC-TOPPS Interviews is the provider agency that provides a qualifying mental health and/or substance abuse service to the consumer. The QP in the provider agency that is providing one or more of the qualified services is responsible for ensuring that NC-TOPPS Interviews are completed.

If the consumer is seeing multiple provider agencies, which agency is responsible for completing
the NC-TOPPS interviews?

When a consumer is receiving more than one qualifying service across multiple agencies, the responsibility for completing the NC-TOPPS interviews are determined by a hierarchy of services based on age-disability. The hierarchy is outlined below:

Adult SA/MH
Child/Adolescent SA/MH
Residential Residential - PRTF
Partial Hospitalization Partial Hospitalization
Assertive Community Treatment Team
Multisystemic Therapy Services (MST)
Substance Abuse Comprehensive
Outpatient Treatment (SACOT)
Intensive In-Home Services (IIH)
Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient
Treatment (SAIOP)
Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient
Treatment (SAIOP)
Community Support Team (CST) Child and Adolescent Day Treatment
Opioid Treatment Residential – Level II (Program and Family
Type) and Level III
Outpatient (NCTracks SA Only):
Outpatient (NCTracks SA Only):

Priority for the responsible provider agency is in hierarchical order so that if a consumer is receiving two or more of the required services during a given period, the service that is in highest order on the table is responsible for NC-TOPPS. As services change within an episode of
care, the NC-TOPPS record will be transferred to the provider agency providing the next highest service. Only one set of NC-TOPPS Interviews is completed for each consumer during a particular episode of care.

If the consumer moves from one LME-MCO to another, how do I change the LME- MCO for the consumer?

In this situation, an Episode Completion should be submitted from the previous LME- MCO and the
consumer should be opened with a new Initial with the new consumer record number under the new LME-MCO.

How do I get trained for NC-TOPPS?

LME-MCOs are responsible for ensuring that its provider agencies are trained on the web-based NC-TOPPS tools and protocols. DMH/DD/SAS, through its contractors, will continue to provide technical assistance and training support as needed.

How do I register or change my current registration?

QPs who have never had an NC-TOPPS Username and Password with any provider agency should go to the
NC-TOPPS website (, click on "NC-TOPPS 2.1 Website," and then select "Create NEW NC-TOPPS User Profile." The QP will need to provide their name, a unique email address, phone number, password, and answer security questions to submit
information into the NC-TOPPS New User Profile system (it is strongly recommended that a provider agency email address be used instead of a personal email address). They will then select the appropriate LME-MCO, provider agency, and confirm their selection and verify whether or not they are a QP and/or Data Entry User (DEU). Once the changes have been saved, the request will be
submitted and an email will automatically be sent to the new user as well as the selected provider agency superuser. The superuser at the provider agency is responsible for approving or rejecting the new user. Access will not be granted to the new user until the approval has been submitted. The new user will be notified of the approval via email.

QPs that already have an NC-TOPPS user login and password and need to add or change their LME-MCO
and/or provider agency information should go to the NC- TOPPS website
(, click on "NC- TOPPS 2.1 Website," and then login with their previous username and password. The QP will then select the appropriate options to add or change their information. Once the process is finished, if the QP has added an agency(ies), an email will automatically be sent to the user as well as the superuser for the selected provider agency(ies). The superuser at each provider agency is responsible for approving the new user to
give them access to the NC-TOPPS system.

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What is a superuser and how do I become one?

Superusers are individuals who have oversight responsibilities for their LME-MCO or provider agency. Every provider agency is required to have a superuser. Individuals needing to become superusers should follow the same process for enrolling in the web- based system as a QP. Once they have been approved for the agency, they should contact the NC-TOPPS Help Desk ( to request a Superuser Enrollment Form. The form will need to provide information verifying that they have authorization. Information needed for this authorization will include supervisor name, title, phone number, and email address.

What is a Data Entry User (DEU)?

A Data Entry User (DEU) has the ability to enter interviews for other QPs located in their provider agency, if needed. The DEU has his/her own login and will be prompted to select which QP they are entering the NC-TOPPS under. If a DEU is entering an interview online for a QP, a signature is required to be on the printable version of the interview by the QP responsible for the consumer's NC-TOPPS. The signature certifies that the QP conducted and completed the interview. The signed printable version must be placed in the consumer's chart along with the summary page generated by the online system.

I can not login to NC-TOPPS, what do I do?

Users who have forgotten their username and/or password will need to use the Recover Password link
by going to the NC-TOPPS website (, click on "NC-TOPPS 2.1 Website," and then click on "Recover Password."

If for some reason you do not know the answers to your security questions and therefore can not use the Password Recovery Tool, you should contact the NC-TOPPS Help Desk for further assistance at (919) 515-1310.

Why will the system not let me do an Initial for my consumer?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to do an Initial interview. Your LME-MCO should be able to help determine why you can not do an Initial. Most of the time, the reason is because the consumer is currently under a different provider agency with NC-TOPPS. Depending on the situation, the LME-MCO can either change the consumer to your provider agency or get the other provider agency to do an Episode Completion so you can do an Initial. If the LME-MCO checks and the consumer is not currently open with a different provider agency, another reason why an Initial would not be able to be completed is if the previous episode of care for a consumer was entered with a different DOB. If you are still having problems, you should contact the NC- TOPPS Help Desk:

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If an Update is missed and the next Update is now due, do I still need to complete the Update that
was missed?

You should only complete the Update that is currently due.

Can I complete an Update if I was not the last QP to enter an interview for the consumer?

If the QP that previously entered the interview for the consumer is at the same provider agency address, any QP registered at that location associated with the same LME-MCO the consumer is under can complete an Update.

Can I change information that has already been submitted?

Once an interview has been submitted, you can only change incorrect information by sending a request to the NC-TOPPS Help Desk:

What should I do if I don't have access to a computer when interviewing the consumer?

If the QP provides services at a location where internet access is not available, QPs may use printable versions to gather NC-TOPPS information on site. This information must then be entered into the web-based system by the QP or by the Data Entry User (See "What is a Data Entry User (DEU)?" above). Printable versions are available on the NC-TOPPS website
( by clicking on "Important User Links." You can then select the link for "Printable Interview Forms."

Are NC-TOPPS interviews required to go in the consumer's record?

Yes, all NC-TOPPS interviews are required to go in the consumer's record.

I lost or forgot to print out the NC-TOPPS interview. Can I print/reprint the interview?

Yes, you can get back to the interviews by logging in, selecting your location, and then going to the Reports tab and Interview Search. You can enter the Consumer Record Number that you need to print and select 'Find Interviews.' A Print button will appear next to interviews that have been submitted for the consumer.

How do I find an interview I started, but did not complete or submit?

You can get back to the interview by logging in, selecting your location, and then going to Website Submission and Manage Episodes of Care. You will find the interview you
started under the box that has all of the Incomplete Interviews. You will select the row of the consumer (not 'View') and the consumer's episode of care will appear in the lower box titled: "List of Interviews for Selected Consumer." You can select Resume to finish the interview.

Can I get raw data for my LME-MCO or provider agency?

Yes, you should contact the NC-TOPPS Help Desk,, if you would like to receive raw data.


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