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Person-Centered Information

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The Road to Building Partnerships
and Supporting Choices

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What is Person-Centered Planning and Thinking?

The person-centered planning and thinking process is a core component of quality service delivery.  It is a process-oriented approach for empowering people. It focuses on the strengths and interests of individuals, as well as their needs.  Ultimately it puts people in charge of defining the direction of their lives, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. This leads to greater inclusion as valued members of both community and society.

It is important to note that Person-Centered Planning is not a single meeting, but an ongoing process designed to help individuals envision a desired personal future for themselves, and to outline the steps that will lead to those futures.

Person-centered planning involves the development of a "toolbox" of methods and resources that enable the person being supported to choose his or her own pathways to success; the planners simply help them to figure out where they want to go and how best to get there.

What is a Person-Centered Plan?

A Person-Centered Plan (PCP) is a plan developed by the consumer, their family, friends, and other supports to establish goals for the year, determine skills and knowledge necessary to work towards the desired outcomes, and identify practical steps to achievement of the goals.

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