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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

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Work First / Child Protective Services Substance Abuse Initiative

Questions Frequently Asked by Consumers


Does every county DSS have a QPSA?

Every county has a QPSA assigned unless there is a vacant position. If you are unsure who your QPSA is, contact your Local Management Entity Liaison.

When I apply for Work First /TANF, if I say I am drinking or using drugs will I be denied services?

Each person who applies for Work First is given a verbal screening to help determine of alcohol and/or drug use might be getting in the way of self sufficiency. If the applicant has a positive screening they will be asked to meet with a Qualified Professional in Substance Abuse for an assessment. If the assessment determines that the applicant would benefit from substance abuse treatment, they will be required to participate in treatment in order to receive benefits and become part of the MRA.

What if an applicant for WF or FNS who may need substance abuse treatment cannot pay for treatment?

Often individuals who qualify for WF will begin receiving Medicaid insurance coverage which can pay for treatment. Individuals who have no insurance coverage will meet the state target population definition of those who are DSSĀ  involved and qualify to access NCTracks funds through the LME.

Is a urine toxicology screening required to apply for Work First or Food and Nutrition Services?

No. Under the Work First/Child Protective Services Substance Abuse Initiative, urine toxicology screening may not be used as a part of the substance abuse assessment done by the Qualified Professional in Substance Abuse, if a referral has been made to them. However, if treatment is recommended as a result of the assessment, an individual is required to have urine screenings done as a part of treatment.

For more information contact your Local Management Entity (LME) or your county Department of Social Services.
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