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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

DWI Services

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I got a DWI.  What do I need to do in order to get my license reinstated?

  • You must obtain a certificate of completion.  A certificate of completion can be obtained by:
    • a) Completing a substance abuse assessment at an authorized NC DWI Services provider, and
    • b) Completing the recommended level of treatment or education (ADETS) at an authorized NC DWI Services provider.
  • You must also wait for the revocation period imposed by DMV to be up and pay the required fees to the DMV.

I need to complete an assessment for my DWI charge and then complete the recommended level of treatment or ADETS (education).  Where do I go to do this? 

  • You must complete your assessment and recommended treatment or education at an authorized DWI Services Provider. 
  • You may choose any provider you’d like, regardless of location. 
  • Please click here to locate a Provider.

What documents do I need to bring to the DWI assessment?

  • A copy of citation (if available)
  • Documentation of Blood Alcohol Content at time of offense
  • Complete Driving Record from North Carolina (To see this page use IE only.)
  • Complete Driving Record from other states in which you have resided

How much will my DWI assessment cost?

  • $100

I completed my assessment.  How long can I wait before starting the recommended treatment or education?

  • 6 months.  (After 6 months, the assessment expires and you will have to complete and pay for another assessment.)

What requirements would I have to meet in order to be eligible to be referred to Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) instead of treatment? 

  • You have no previous DWI offense conviction in your lifetime, and
  • You did not refuse to submit a chemical test, and
  • Your BAC was 0.14% or less at the time of your arrest, and
  • Your assessment does not identify a substance abuse handicap (i.e. abuse or dependence), and
  • You meet the admission criteria for Level 0.5 (Early Intervention) of ASAM PPC-2

How much does ADETS (education program) cost and how many contact hours is the program?

  • Cost: $160
  • Hours: 16 contact hours over a minimum of 5 days

If I don’t qualify for ADETS (education), what are the other levels of treatment that I could be recommended to complete?

  • Short Term Outpatient Treatment - (Minimum of 20 contact hours over a minimum of 30 days)
  • Longer Term Outpatient Treatment - (Minimum 40 contact hours over a minimum of 60 days)
  • Day Treatment/Intensive Outpatient Treatment - (Minimum 90 hours over a minimum of 90 days)
  • Inpatient/Residential Treatment - (Minimum 90 days)

How much does treatment cost? 

  • Treatment costs are not mandated by statute, and thus vary from agency to agency.  The average cost for treatment is listed below:
    • Short Term Outpatient Treatment - $354
    • Longer Term Outpatient Treatment - $605
    • Day Treatment/IOP - $920
    • Inpatient/Residential - $863

Will I have to complete ADETS (education) and treatment for the same conviction?

  • No. Your DWI assessment will recommend that you complete ADETS (education) or treatment.

I live in another state, but was convicted of a DWI in North Carolina.  What must I do to clear the block off my license from North Carolina?

  • You must complete a substance abuse assessment, substance abuse education, and/or substance abuse treatment in your state (outside of North Carolina).
  • Documentation of the out-of-state assessment, treatment, and/or education must be reviewed and approved by an authorized North Carolina DWI services provider.
  • An authorized North Carolina DWI services provider can be found from the NC DWI Services website
  • On the home page, click on “locate services” and choose any provider that is listed as providing “Out of State Review.”
  • Note: As there is no mandated fee for out-of-state reviews, the fee may differ among providers. Any authorized DWI service provider in North Carolina can be selected to do the “Out of State Review,” regardless of the location of the provider.
  • The authorized North Carolina DWI provider will complete the review, process the information, and complete a Certificate of Completion (e-508 form) in order to resolve the outstanding DWI offense on your North Carolina record. (You should receive a copy of the certificate).

I completed a program while I was in the military or while I was incarcerated.  May the program/services be used to meet my requirements?

  • It depends on the content of the program/services
  • Contact an authorized provider from North Carolina who will conduct a review of the program/services that you completed
  • If the content of the program/services are deemed appropriate, the authorized provider from North Carolina will generate the Certificate of Completion (508-R Form) that is required by DMV to lift the “block” off of your license.

I received a Driving While License Revoked conviction while I was suspended due to a DWI conviction.  Does this conviction require another assessment?

  • Yes. An assessment is required through an authorized DWI Service provider.  Depending on the results of the assessment, you may be required to complete more treatment.

I am having difficulty working with my provider.  Is there a phone number I can call or web site where I can get more information?

  • Phone: You may contact the state DWI Services office at:  919-733-0566
  • Website


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