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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

Statistics and Publications


Archived Policy

Accountability Policy

  • ACC-001 - Provider Endorsement Appeal Policy
  • ACC-002 - Policy and Procedure for Review, Approval and Follow-Up of Plan(s) of Correction (POC) 12/08

APS Policy

    • APSM 10-3 Record Retention Schedule for State and Area Facilities (5/05)
    • APSM 10-4 Record Retention Schedule for DMH/DD/SAS Central and Regional Offices (10/86)
    • APSR 110-12 - Policy on Placement of Long Stay Patients

Budget and Finance Policy

  • BF-103 - Local Management Entity Service Cost Redistribution Methodology

CF Policy

  • CF-101 - Out of State Youth Residential Placement

Communications and Training Policy

  • CT-102 - Training in Prevention & Use of Physical Intervention
  • CT-107 - NC Interventions¬©

Division Affairs Policy

  • DA-103 - DMH/DD/SAS Panel Appeal Procedures

Director's Office Policy

  • DO-112 - Consumer and Family Member Volunteer Appointment to DMH/DD/SAS Workgroups and Committees | Form

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