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Contact: Mark Van Sciver

Date: March 27, 2008

Surveyors recommend removal of immediate jeopardy findings against Broughton Hospital

MORGANTON Surveyors for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have verbally informed Broughton Hospital that they are recommending removal of the earlier finding of immediate jeopardy.

Broughton Hospital Director Dr. Art Robarge announced that CMS surveyors completed a three-day survey and reported no findings related to negative patient outcomes. These findings represent a critical step in Broughton establishing eligibility for federal funding. The major previous areas cited as deficient were found in compliance. 

One additional finding cited the need for more comprehensive oversight of contractual services – such as OB-GYN or neurology – provided to patients.  Broughton will receive a written report from the Regional CMS office identifying areas that require further improvement.  After these corrections are made another survey will occur. If surveyors are satisfied that the additional corrections have been made, the hospital will proceed with the next step in its efforts to be recertified as a Medicare and Medicaid provider.

“While these challenges are before us, I am supremely confident that our hospital staff’s
commitment to our patients, to our facility and to each other will enable us to manage
these challenges successfully,” Dr. Robarge said.  “I am confident that we will be recertified as a Medicare and Medicaid provider at the end of this process.”




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