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Data on Central Regional Hospital

Death Reporting: Central Regional Hospital
12/27/09 Male Expected
8/26/09 Female Unexpected (death occurred in community 7 days after discharge from state facility)
6/24/09 Male Unexpected
5/21/09 Male Expected
4/3/09 Male Expected
1/30/09 Female Expected
Patient Injury Reporting: Central Regional Hospital
Date of Injury Gender Followup Action
(Clinical Review, Safety Review, Abuse/Neglect Investigation, or Criminal Investigation)
12/10/09 Male Clinical Review
12/3/09 Male Clinical Review
11/22/09 Male Clinical Review
10/19/09 Male Clinical Review
9/7/09 Male Clinical Review
8/8/08 Male Clinical Review
Staff Injury Reporting: Central Regional Hospital
Date of Injury Staff Position Injury Classification
7/28/08 Health Care Technician  
7/23/08 RN Ready NC Connect NC