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Inpatient Emergency Services

What are Inpatient Emergency Services?

Inpatient emergency services consist of psychiatric stabilization and medical detoxification for individuals with substance use and other co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Staff include psychiatrists, medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses, health care technicians, addiction specialists, recreational therapists, social workers, and substance abuse counselors.
Patients may be involuntary or voluntary referrals. Services are provided in a locked facility.
Referrals are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Who is Eligible for Inpatient Services?

Inpatient emergency services are for those who need psychiatric stabilization or medical detoxification due to a psychiatric crisis/illness, the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs, or a co-occurring illness.

How to Apply

Care at Walter B. Jones ADATC begins with the LME/MCO or local provider who makes the referral to our facility.

Your Rights are Important to Us!

The consumer advocate for Walter B. Jones ADATC is Rose Stirewalt at 252-707-5100. She works on behalf of the people who are in treatment to ensure that rights are protected and the individual’s best interests are being served. She can conduct an investigation when there are reports or suspicions of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Walter B. Jones also has a Human Rights Committee that works to protect the rights of the people we serve. The consumer advocate supports the mission of this Human Rights Committee by providing information regarding many aspects of the facilities' programs for the committee to review. The consumer advocate is also available to follow-up on any matters that are of concern to the Human Rights Committees.

Anything that touches the life of a person in treatment is of interest to the consumer advocate. Please feel free to contact her if you have questions about the program or if you believe that we may be of assistance to you or your family member.


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